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Welcome to AEROGO!

We are thrilled to offer our exciting aeromodelling and drone services to schools and colleges. Our programs are designed to spark curiosity, inspire creativity, and provide hands-on learning experiences that enhance STEM education.

Our Partners

AEROGO Areomodelling kits and workshop
AEROGO Areomodelling kits and workshop
AEROGO Areomodelling kits and workshop
AEROGO Areomodelling kits and workshop
AEROGO Areomodelling kits and workshop
AEROGO Areomodelling kits and workshop
AEROGO Areomodelling kits and workshop
AEROGO Areomodelling kits and workshop
AEROGO Aeromodelling kits and workshop
AEROGO Areomodelling kits and workshop


One Day Glider Workshop

"Learn the basics of flight and aerodynamics by building and flying your own chuck glider in a one-day workshop."

Duration of the workshop: 8 Hours

Take away: Chuck Glider built by individual students

Kit: A glider making kit is provided by us

Certificate on completion

Two Days RC Aircraft Workshop

"Learn the fundamentals of aeromodelling, electronics, and flight controls. Gain hands-on experience in flying."

Duration of the workshop: 16 Hours

Take away: RC Aircraft Built by group of 5 students

Kit: A RC kit required build a Aircraft by us

Certificate on completion

One Day Drone Workshop

"Discover the exciting world of drones and learn to fly and control your own drone with our experienced instructors."

Duration of the workshop: 8 Hours

Take away: Lots of fun and knowledge

Kit: A drone kit will be provided to assemble and will be taken back

Certificate on completion

Skill Development 

Our skill development program, aligned with the NEP 2020 policy, empowers college students with industry-relevant skills and knowledge to enhance their employability and contribute to the nation's growth. Our program focuses on practical training and project-based learning to foster innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship among students.

Introduction to UAV’s and Drones

Design Calculation and Sizing of UAVs

3d Modelling of UAV- Software Design

Analysis/Simulation using open source softwares

Hands on Manufacturing

Simulator Training

Drone Piloting

Duration: Customizable based on the institute requirement

Location: Institute premises

Pre- requisite: Laptop or System at campus

Certificate on Completion!

First in Class UAV Lab Setup

Our state-of-the-art UAV lab is equipped with cutting-edge technology and tools to provide students with hands-on experience in building, testing, and flying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The lab features high-end drones, sensors, cameras, and software to facilitate research and experimentation in the fields of robotics, AI, mapping, surveying, and more.

Equipment and tools to build UAVs and drone

Drones for experimentation

Curriculum support

RC Piloting simulators

Materials required for fabrications

Our Yearly

Our yearly curriculum for schools is designed to align with the NEP and STEAM education, providing a holistic approach to learning and development. Our curriculum is designed to enhance creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation among students, using an integrated approach that combines science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Our curriculum includes a range of interactive and engaging activities, projects, and assessments that cater to different learning styles and abilities. Our experienced educators and instructors work closely with schools to provide customized curriculum and training that meet the specific needs and goals of each institution.

Curriculum support to the school/college

Providing trained instructor for the classes

Students are given access to our lesson library

Lab Setup (optional)

All the materials and tools are provided