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Aeromodelling Workshop for Engineering Students

Rubber Powered Design Workshop

What is this workshop about?

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of glider design and watch your imagination take flight at the AEROGO Glider Workshop. This one-of-a-kind workshop offers a hands-on opportunity to explore the captivating principles behind glider functioning and design concepts. Through interactive lectures and guided design sessions, participants will develop a comprehensive understanding of glider dynamics, empowering them to build their very own gliders from scratch.


Under the guidance of our expert instructors, you'll be taken on an engaging adventure that sparks your innovative spirit and encourages you to unleash your creativity. Dive into the intricacies of aerodynamics and engineering as you craft your personalized glider design. Witness the culmination of your efforts as you see your creation gracefully soar through the skies. If you've ever dreamed of designing your own glider, now is the perfect moment to take a step back and immerse yourself in this thrilling aviation experience with the AEROGO Glider Workshop.

If you want to learn about flying objects and don't know where to start, AEROGO gives you just the right platform with a Rubber Powered workshop.

Designing and fabricating helps one understand the basic idea behind flight and the significance of various parts of the airplane. The workshop helps the participant understand aerodynamics, controls, and stability in the simplest manner.

By tweaking slightly various parts of the rubber powered, one can make it perform some interesting aerobatics. This will help the participant understand the basic principles of flight.

Course Outcomes

  • Build and test a rubber-powered aircraft that can fly for a specified distance or time.

  • Understand the forces that act on a rubber-powered aircraft in flight.

  • Design and build a rubber-powered aircraft that is stable and controllable.

  • Use sensors to measure the performance of a rubber-powered aircraft.

  • Initiate participants in the field of aeronautical engineering through aeromodelling.

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  • Certificate of Completion

  • Certificate of Completion with Distinction (for top performers)



  • Students interested in Drone Aircraft Design

  • Students interested for a career in Aerospace and related fields of engineering


"Joining AEROGO's RC Aircraft session was a decision I'll never regret. Designing, building, and piloting my own aircraft was an unforgettable adventure. I left the workshop with newfound skills and a heart full of aviation passion." -  Sathvik


The premier provider of experiential aeromodelling and drone education, empowering students and professionals of all ages to pursue their passions and achieve their full potential.

Our mission is to provide students with the resources and supports they need to learn deeply about the exciting field of aerospace and to develop the critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills that are essential for success.

Experience in training students across states in India. 

Awards and Recognitions 

  • 1. We were recognized as exceptional startups in education and skills by Startup India.

  • 2. The startup has been recognized by startup Karnataka under the Elevate contest.

  • 3. Emerged as one of the runners-up in TiE Mysuru University Student Fest.

  • 4. AERONUTS have been the top 3 finalists at TiE Global Pitchfest held at Hyderabad

  • 5. AERONUTS has been recognized as top 3 promising startups beyond the Bengaluru Mysuru cluster.

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+91 7019303830

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Course Structure and Topics Covered:

  • Lecture on Understanding Aircraft Design - Duration 3 hours
    In these modules, the participants are introduced to

    • Basic concepts of a glider

    • Understanding of physics behind aircraft

    • Important Parts of an Aircraft

    • Different systems of aircraft

    • Aerodynamics of a glider

    • Stability of a glider

    • Designing a glider


Topics Covered:


Theory Session:

  •  Aeromodelling and its Types

  •  Flight and different types of flight

  •  Main parts  of aircraft

  •  Aerodynamics and its force

  •  Bernoulli's Principle 

  •  Newton’s Laws

  •  History and World Records of Glider

  •  The main parts of a glider

  •  Materials Used

  •  Different types of glider

  •  Factors affecting and force acting on the glider

  •  Effects on Glider and tips to improve performance


Practical Session:


  • 1. Fabrication of parts

  • 2. Assembly

  • 3. Testing and Pre-checks

  • 4. Flying



  • 9mm Cutter 

  • Sandpaper 

  • Clay

  •  Fevikwik Fevicol



  • Mask & gloves

  •  Aeromodelling book

Kit Content:

  • Fabrication Materials:

  • Balsa Wood

  •  Laser-cut MDF wood

  • Working Tools*

  • Other miscellaneous items

* marked items will be taken back