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RC Plane Hobby Piloting Course for Students in Bangalore

With AEROGO's incredible courses, embark on an exhilarating journey into the skies—turning your dreams into a reality! Ever heard the expression "Don't run before you can walk"? Well, in our world, it's "Don't land before you can take off!" We specialize in transforming enthusiasts into skilled pilots, whether you're fascinated by guiding RC planes or drones. AEROGO will be your friendly coach, guiding you through the ABCs of flying, starting from the fundamentals and progressing to thrilling solo flights or the creation of your airborne gadgets. It's not just about learning; it's about becoming part of a community of like-minded friends who share a passion for flying. Get ready to elevate your experiences with AEROGO's RC Plane Hobby Piloting Course for Students in Bangalore —where we transform your love for flying into extraordinary adventures in the sky!

Drone & UAV Hobby Piloting Course.
Drone & UAV Hobby Piloting Course

Parent Testimonial:

Think about how cool it would be to control a small airplane in the sky. RC Plane Hobby Piloting Course for Students in Bangalore is designed to help hobbyists become expert pilots in just five awesome days.

Here's the schedule for the RC Aircraft Piloting Course:



Day 1

  • Understanding the Fundamentals of RC Plane

  • Integration of Electronics

Day 2

Flight Simulator Practice

Day 3

Flight Simulator Practice and Buddy Flying

Day 4

Buddy Flying

Day 5

Solo Flying

1. Understanding the Fundamentals of RC Plane and Integration of Electronics

On day one of the training, we'll kick things off with a presentation covering the essentials of aeromodelling. We'll dive into topics like the basics of how things fly, the aerodynamic principles that make it happen, an introduction to RC planes, a bit of history on them, and a rundown on the different parts and control surfaces. After a good lunch, the afternoon session will focus on getting hands-on with the planes. We'll cover integrating electronics, do some pre-flight checks, and also learn the ins and outs of charging and discharging the batteries. It's a packed day of learning and practical know-how to get you ready for the skies! 🛩️

2. Flight Simulator Practice

On the second day, get ready for some cool stuff! We're talking about playing with a flight simulator. Imagine you're a pilot in a video game. You'll practice taking off, doing rolls in the air, figuring out how to tilt your plane (that's the pitch), and even how to move on the ground (we call that taxiing). It's a fun and safe way to learn how to fly without leaving the ground. So, get excited to be a virtual pilot! 🎮✈️

3. Flight Simulator Practice and Buddy Flying

On the third day, we're keeping the excitement going! In the morning, we'll kick off with more flight simulator fun, giving you the chance to fine-tune your flying skills. Then, in the afternoon, get ready for some buddy flying action. You'll team up with a fellow trainee for an interactive flying experience. It's all about learning together, coordinating your moves, and having a blast navigating the virtual skies side by side. It's a day filled with learning and flying fun! 🚀👫

4. Buddy Flying

On the fourth day, you and your buddy are taking your flying skills out to the field. It's a full day of flying together in the real world. You'll be side by side, learning, coordinating, and conquering challenges as a team. So, gear up for an exciting day of flying adventures with your buddy in the open skies! 🛩️👫

5. Solo Flying

On the last day, it's all about you! You get to fly solo in the field. It's like your personal flying adventure. Take off on your own, feel the thrill of flying, and own the skies. It's your time to shine as you soar high and enjoy the freedom of solo flight! 🚀✨

Student Testimonial:


AEROGO is India's very first online aeromodelling community, and if you're into RC flying, you've got to check it out. It's not just a training program; it's a whole community of like-minded enthusiasts, pilots, and learners all diving into the awesome world of aeromodelling together. With experienced pilots and educators leading the way, AEROGO brings you the latest and greatest in RC aeromodelling tech, so you'll be learning with top-notch gear. What sets AEROGO apart? They get that everyone learns differently, so the training is all about your style. Ready to take your aeromodelling journey to new heights? Join AEROGO, where it's personal, exciting, and part of a buzzing community. Let's soar together with AEROGO! 🚀✈️


Alright, if you're ever thinking about trying RC Pilot Hobby Flying training, here's the plan: we'll start with the basics, play around with flight simulators for some hands-on fun, team up with buddies for a day of shared flights, and finish off with solo flying in the field. AEROGO makes it super easy, blending cool tech with learning that's just for you. It's not your average course; it's like diving into a world where you learn, play, and eventually take flight on your own. Trust me, it's the kind of training that turns ordinary days into awesome adventures in the skies! 🚀✨

Are you looking forward to joining AEROGO's 5-day RC Plane Piloting Course?

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