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Become a Skillful Aeromodeller!

Are you passionate about everything that flies? Do you love to tinker with models and drones, or simply enjoy watching them soar through the air? Look no further than AEROGO!

the ultimate community for aeromodellers and drone enthusiasts!

But our youngsters lack in Right Training and Guidance!

So, we designed a community in the perfect way to ignite your passion for science, technology, and problem-solving while developing valuable skills. Hands-on learning, expert guidance, and real-world problem-solving opportunities will give your child the chance to excel in the aeromodelling and drone industry.

One Platform,
Endless Possibilities!

Personalised Live Classes

Expert-led 1-on-1 classes for personalized aeromodelling & Drone classes. Improve your skills with hands-on learning with experienced instructors.

Shop with us

All your RC component needs are now fulfilled by us. From Balsa wood to electronics we have it all.

Join Your Community

Soar with like-minded enthusiasts, connect, share and learn with our supportive community of aero modelers and take your skills to new heights.

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Welcome AeroGoers!

We're the world’s first online Aeromodelling and Drone Training Platform for children across the globe.

"Aeromodelling: Where engineering meets art, Design, build, and take flight, let your creativity depart. From paper planes to RC aircraft, unleash the inventor within, and soar to great heights, as you craft."

"Drones: The future of flight, Take control and soar to new heights, with technology at your fingertips, Unlock new perspectives, as you explore the sights."

Created for Future Flying Professionals!

Critical Thinking

Aeromodeling sharpens critical thinking skills through hands-on problem-solving and decision-making experiences.

Design Thinking

Building and flying aeromodels requires a combination of creativity, empathy, and problem-solving.

Problem Solving

Hands-on activities foster the development of problem-solving abilities, leading to greater success in personal and professional skills.

1-1 Expert Support

Enhance your skills and deepen your understanding with personalized attention and support

Innovate for the World

Drive innovation through hands-on experimentation, creative problem-solving, and continuous improvement.

Exclusive community

Develop technical skills, gain recognition, and grow as an expert in the field along with the community members.

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