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Aeromodelling Summer camp

"Project Palooza"

At our summer camp, creativity takes center stage with our Project Palooza! Participants will delve into a diverse array of projects, from building mini-drones to crafting aerodynamic wonders.

RC Aircrafts



 Aircraft Piloting

Paper Plane

Drone Flying

Beginners Favorite

Junior Aeromodeller



Welcome to our action-packed Junior Aeromodeller Camp! 🚀 Ignite your child's passion for aviation

Valid until canceled

Duration: 5Days, 10Am to 3:30Pm

Paper Plane: Learn to Craft World Record Planes

Kites: Learn to design, Build and Fly kites like a pro

Hands on design and building Chuck Gliders

Drone Mastery: Dive into the fundamentals, Fly Like a Pro!

Final day: Participate in aeromodelling competitions

The Chuck Glider, Kite, Paper Plane are take away for you

Customised AEROGO T-Shirts

Best Value

Senior Aeromodeller



Senior AeroModeller Camp: Elevate Skills, Unleash Creativity!

Valid until canceled

Understand the principle of flight, history of aviation

Design and build Rubber-Powered Glider - Hands on learning

Learn from scratch how to build world record paper planes

RC Aircraft Design & Building from scratch - Hands On

RC Aircraft Assembly and Electronics Integration - Hands on

Drone Building, coding & Flying

Learn how launch and fly Gliders and Drones

Duration: 5Days, 10Am to 3:30Pm

The RC Planes with electronics and Glider are take away

Customised AEROGO T-Shirts

Drone geek package

Drone Mastery



Drone Adventure Camp: From designer to pilot!

Valid until canceled

Duration: 5Days, 10Am to 2 Pm

Understanding the Physiscs behind Drones

Understanding the rules and regulations of drone usage

Design and Building Drone

Drone Setup and Calibration

Drone Flying and Aerobatics

Drone programming

Drone based career insights

Customised AEROGO T-Shirts

Most Popular

RC Aircraft Piloting



5-Day RC Aircraft Piloting Summer Camp: Embark on a Skyward Adventure!

Valid until canceled

Duration: 5 Days, 10am to 3:30 Pm

Introduction to RC aircraft: Types, components, and safety.

Hands-on assembly and understanding aerodynamics.

Hands on pre flight checks and avionics

Hands on RC Aircraft Simulator training

Hands on buddy piloting

RC Aircraft Solo Flights

Customised AEROGO T-Shirts

New Addition

Drone Pilot Training



Unleash the thrill of drone flight in our intensive 5-day training camp for teens aged 14-18.

Valid until canceled

Duration: 5Days, 10Am to 3:30Pm

Understanding physics, safety protocols and regulations.

Understand the principles behind drone flying

Understand the controls and avionics in drone

Drone simulator training

Drone buddy Training

Drone solo flight

Customised AEROGO T-Shirts

Where will the camp be conducted?
1. Our Regular Camp Location: AEROGO, 2nd Floor, PGDM Block, NMIT, Bangalore-560063

2. We are executing this summer camp in various locations in Bangalore, location details will be updated soon.

What's the duration and mode of the camp?
All our camp or course durations are 5 days (10 Am to 3:30 P.m.) and offline mode.


Will you conduct this camp outside Bangalore?

Yes, With the right partner organization/academia, we will conduct it beyond Bengaluru too.